A Misguided Notion Of Happiness Won't Make It More Fun In The Philippines!

One of the greatest issues with the Philippines is the misguided notion of happiness. For some reason I even think the slogan, "It's More Fun in the Philippines" is the typical Pinoy otherwise the Failipino bragging to the world that the Philippines is the happiest place on Earth. Since they have that unhealthy obsession to be in an eternal state of bliss a.k.a. Pleasure Island mentality, you can see why production and labor is usually poor. It's a shame really to see the contrast between an illiterate laborer encourages his kids not to rely on him and to go to school so they can get better jobs while his fellow laborer is feeding parasites, then the former gets mocked and the latter gets praised.

Take this campaign with a grain of salt...

This is one of the most facepalm propaganda you can find. One of the best done deception is when a liar says, "I'm not lying, I'm telling the truth." Some people have very good personal relationship power that they can deceive. I was deceived by a person's good PR power which until now I can't forget that incident. As said, there's really the problem of the slogan. Instead of making it an objective, they are just deluding on it that it's always more fun in the Philippines.

The Failipino mindset is sadly one that doesn't want to make sacrifices. So I'd enumerate a few examples that is making it not more fun in the Philippines and EVERY ENLIGHTENED PINOY knows these are some incidents that DO NOT make it more fun in the Philippines:

Breaking Rules... It's More Fun in the Philippines! #Sarcasm

One of the biggest problems for decent Filipinos are Filipinos who don't follow rules. Another example aside from jaywalking are those motorcyclists. Just think... after doing a LOT of dangerous stunts, he was finally caught by a traffic enforcer. The traffic enforcer didn't issue a blue slip (simple violation that can be easily paid off) but a PINK one. He answered back and said, "Well chief, you are such a sour sport! Don't you know it's more in the Philippines?" He was arrogant and man I really wanted to smack his head! Others you might observe is the practice of Failipino time or being late. If you want real Filipino time, be on time ACCORDING TO PHILIPPINE TIME!

Being Lazy... It's More Fun in the Philippines!#Sarcasm

I remembered how a Pinoy businessman once said, "The problem is that, most of my fellow Pinoys refuse to make sacrifices for greater glory. You cannot truly savor satisfaction until you work for it." Sad to say but Failipinos are Pinoys who just want to have a good time. Instead of working, you can see they are dependent on others. Just me thinking, some OFWs have a plan to get out of poverty but others keep returning to poverty after a short period of time. Just think... how many OFWs return home with MUCH take-home presents, they have their feasting time with their lazy relaTHIEVES. It's the system of I don't work but I want credit... which is in short, rewarding the lazy and punishing the diligent. It's no wonder why many are poor and living in dirty areas... and they even can sleep ALL DAY with all that odor makes it truly amazing! Indeed Wow Philippines!

Not Listening to Instruction and Criticism... It's More Fun in the Philippines!#Sarcasm

Well there's Atty. Vitaliano Aguirre Jr. who is now infamous for his hand gesture. While I don't condone to Miriam Defensor Santiago's violent temper, however you do not right two wrongs with another wrong. What Aguirre showed was childishness and contempt at worst. Sad to say he is a picture of what's wrong with most Pinoys. It's a typical Pinoy trait to answer back to authority even if the superior was a fellow Pinoy. It really gets annoying to people who refuse to follow instructions. Worse, it's all about their refusal to accept valid criticism. Sure the truth hurts but you need it in order to be better.

Not Being Accountable... It's More Fun in the Philippines!#Sarcasm

A lack of accountability goes a long way towards failure. Remember the Rolando Mendoza Incident where at least eight HK Chinese tourist died? Certainly the Hong Kong/Philippines relationship was strained BECAUSE of a lack of accountability aside from the incompetence of the Philippine National Police. I mean, come on, they could have just SHOT HIM when a sniper was there. Sometimes you have to kill someone to save a bigger population. And what do you expect the survivors to do? Come back next year even after that incident? To be honest, I hope the Department of Tourism won't write, "Being Hostage - It's More Fun in the Philippines!" next.

Being Overly Emotional... It's More Fun in the Philippines!#Sarcasm

The reason why enlightened Filipinos in general, not just enlightened Pinoys HATE Tagalog drama is aside from bad script, cliches and poorly modified scripts... IT IS BECAUSE OF OVERREACTING. Kris Aquino is still popular among Failipinos never mind she is Chinese by blood, because she appeals to emotions. They always look for trouble even when there is no trouble.

Last But Not the Least... Having No Direction... It's More Fun in the Philippines!#Sarcasm

Sad to say but the Philippines is stuck with anti-intellectualism and looking for directions to solve the problems, they simply choose the easy way out. For them, thinking is a lot of hard work. It's common to see people who view decision making as difficult. I would admit even I want an easy way out but again, even in writing this blog, it HAS TO HAVE DIRECTION. Instead, they toss away their tasks leaving them with No Direction. Sad to say, unless the Philippines decides to make sacrifices for greater glory, get rid of their misguided notion of happiness, IT WON'T BE MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES!


  1. Hogwash, you say? You probably haven't heard enough of our politicians' bullshit... :3

    1. Even Rey Mendoza's profile pic proves he's a troll... a real troll.

  2. You have such an interesting blog. Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed reading your posts. All the best for your future blogging journey.

    1. Thanks for the compliment. I hope you can suggest more posts. Thanks.


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