The Filipino Cultural Revolution

You got it right: It's time for a cultural revolution for the Philippines. If Mao Zedong sought to remove stuff that blocked Maoism, I intend to remove elements of Filipino culture that have caused Filipinos to be wayward and backward. Here's what can be done to help revolutionize Filipino culture for the better. It's time to open the agenda that may lead to a true cultural revolution of the Philippines.

It's time to get serious about changing Filipino culture for the better. Like it or not culture must change every now and then. Nobody can keep saying that it's part of tradition. If people love to use their blunder of trying to justify it's tradition then why aren't they wearing bahag, doing tribal dances and why are they using modern equipment which were NOT invented by Filipinos? A lot of stuff we're using today like free domains, social media and the like are born out of American influence.

It's time to do these as part of making a better Philippines is to reeducate the Filipino masses. I'm not suggesting that it should be done in the same way as Mao did by force. Instead, it's time to reeducate Filipinos about their need for cultural change. It's time to educate Filipinos against practices like habitual tardinessstarstruck mentality, the Aquino mindsetculture of impunitya culture of indifference, a misguided sense of nationalismrelying too much on Captain Americawatching telebasuras, and the "I'd rather kill myself than follow rules" mentality.

What can be done right now is to combat the ever growing culture of anti-intellectualism. One huge reason why why anti-intellectualism is growing expontentially would be the dominance of the Aquino or oligarch friendly networks. Since only people with higher income can afford Cable TV (but then, they're still stupid with their services) so more people will end up watching those telebasuras. Most of the alternatives to telebasura involve an overabundance of American entertainment day in and day out. While I'm not anti-American in any way but you can't deny that a lot of American shows encourage anti-intellectualism while most Japanese, South Korean and Taiwanese shows tend to encourage you to think even those that are watched mainly for entertainment purposes.

This also means it's time to reform the education system. It's time to stop the whole Aquino education system by letting them know the truth black and white. It's not just about the martial law years but also how the Aquinos ended up bringing the country into a much bigger mess after the EDSA Revolution. People today must stop reading from biased DepEd textbooks full of wrong information in favor of factual history books written by real scholars. Get rid of Aquino propaganda in exchange for unbiased media that shows all administration's right and wrongs. It's time to take math, science and not to mention English seriously. The Philippines is losing its advantage with English and now it's time to build it back. 

Without real cultural change, I don't expect the Philippines to really progress. It's time to get rid of the Failipino mindset and it's time to promote the Enlightened Pinoy Mindset.