Great Leap Forward Philippines

While I'm NOT a political or economic analyst but I made this blog with the intention of spreading information written by people who are more qualified than I am. This is simply made to inform. Of course, some people will say that I should just shut up because I'm not a political or economic analyst. Listen to what's being said and not to who's saying it! It's time to think about the agenda for a better Philippines. This is what I call might be a Great Leap Forward for the Philippines. No, I'm not talking about Mao Zedong's failed program but the plan based on learning from first world countries.

It's time to get rid of "pro-poor" economic policies

It's stupid to keep celebrating poverty. While not everyone can be a billionaire but anyone can get out of poverty with hard work and proper budgeting. But it's not enough to just have hard work and proper budgeting as the government also provide opportunities to end poverty and unemployment. In short, don't expect a welfare state. The government should provide every opportunity that when you're poor it's your fault.

What can be done to give opportunities to welcome foreign investors to provide better job opportunities. The notion of self-industrialization is nothing more than a deluded fantasy by ultranationalists. They say that first world countries benefited from protectionism. That's a lie. If that were true it's time to ask them why South Korea with its free trade is doing better than protectionist North Korea. One needs to study the history of Singapore, Taiwan and China to see how they progressed overtime not from DepEd biased history textbooks but from reliable economic sources. 

With more foreign investors is that there would be more jobs for Filipinos and more income for the government. More job opportunities mean it would be a great decline of the OFW phenomenon. It means less and less Filipinos will have to go abroad searching for jobs. This means more and more Filipinos can have more time together as a family. Should foreign employers become abusive it'd be easier for the Filipino government they would be easily apprehended because they're under the Filipino rule of law because, "When in the Philippines, do as the Filipinos do."

What the Philippines needs to have better services is also competition. Without competition, there's no such thing as competitiveness. The Philippines getting stuck with lousy services is because of the oligarchy system. Protectionism only blesses the oligarchy but not the common people. All it has done is to strengthen the crony system.

It's time to shift to federal-parliamentary system

Unfortunately the rule of Aquinocracy (or alternative called Noynoycracy or Nobitacracy) has made the country worse. The rule of Tagalog Imperialism has only made the Philippines worse after the Marcos era. Aside from the implementation of nonsense protectionist system, the presidential-unitary system has made things worse. How can important reforms be implemented in just six years? Unfortunately, some critics of Noynoy Aquino failed to realize that six years is not enough for reforms when they criticized his performance.

The benefits of a parliamentary system would be that it would allow competent head of states to continue their reforms longer than six years. Should the head of state start to show signs of incompetence then a vote of no confidence can be named against the head of state. Would the Philippines have been a parliamentary government years ago one may think that a vote of no confidence would have ousted Noynoy Aquino out of office and Jejomar Binay wouldn't automatically succeed. The presidential system gives no other alternative but the vice president to take over. The parliamentary system would allow a more competent person than the deputy prime minister to take over as head of state.

The need of a federal system of the Philippines is because the Philippines is exactly 7,107 islands. Decentralization is badly needed to run the Philippines more effectively. Just think of how Malaysia as an archipelago benefited with the federal form of government. Decentralization would help ease traffic and congestion, it would help develop the Philippines not just with the capital of Manila but also with every other region.

Time to implement a strict, disciplinary government

How can the Philippines progress if people don't even want to follow simple guidelines? It's very easy to call giving policies like giving certain fines and penalties to people who don't want to follow rules as "Draconian". It's a sad fact that many Filipinos tend to confuse discipline with dictatorship when the two are totally different things. Some of them may even call Singapore as "everybody's favorite tyranny".

Singapore's progress isn't only because of free trade but also because people there are afraid to break the rules. In the Philippines, there's the rule of Failipino Democracy where people are encouraged to have a dysfunctional sense of freedom. People have all their late night karaokes, throwing garbage everywhere and habitual tardiness which are done in the name of being Filipino. No, these stuff do not make one Filipino. A disciplinary government will never destroy the Filipino identity. Instead, it will help build up the Filipino identity for the better.

This is also the quest to get rid of the "equality mentality". It's time to implement the rule of no work, no pay. Mao Zedong's quest for "equality" only made China poor because the Chinese people got lazy with it. Deng Xiaoping's policy of implementing no work, no pay made China progress aside from opening up the economy. This should apply that government offices should no longer be dumping sites for people who lost their jobs due to lousy performance. It's time to end the slogan, "Want to earn money while sleeping? Work at the government!" to make the government offices do their jobs better.

What can be said is if such people would rather commit suicide than submit themselves to just and proper rules for discipline then go ahead be my guest. I'm not going to help them but I'm not going to stop them either. Besides, if they ever choose to end their lives because they can't handle simple rules for discipline then it's their loss. Maybe, when that happens it would be another step for Great Leap Forward Philippines.