The Commission On Human Rights Isn't Needed To Run A Healthy Filipino Democracy

I remembered all the criticism Justice Secretary Vitaliano N. Aguirre gets from being a dirty person to a drama king by people who always make mountains out of anthills. Think of it - Justice Secretary Aguirre had every good reason to walk out of the unfair Vizconde Massacre trial and his contempt of court during Renato Corona's impeachment could have just been dealt with as a minor offense. I decided to look past through that especially that how the Justice Secretary not only sacked Leila Dilemma but also slammed Commission on Human Rights' chairperson Cheato Gascon for a lot of inconsistencies. 

Do you know that the functions of the judiciary includes human rights? Here's an interesting passage from on the functions of the judiciary is to defend human rights:

(5) Protector of the Fundamental Rights:

Fifthly, the judiciaries also act as the defenders of the individual's right. Such role of the judiciary is important as it prevents the individual's rights from being violated. An individual need not wait until harm is done to him. If he had, sufficient reasons to believe that attempts would be made to violate his 'rights' he could approach the courts for protection.

The justice department is in fact involved with the protection of people when it comes to violations against their human rights. The problem of CHR whether it was under Dilemma, Etta Rosales or currently Gascon is that the organization is focused on protecting the rights of criminals than the rights of law-abiding citizens. I guess that's why some Filipinos who think of Lee Kwan Yew as a dictator or view the state of Singapore as a dictatorship or prison state love a culture of impunity. They want to defend the rights of criminals over law-abiding citizens. Do the people in CHR ever realize that criminals and squatters are all violators of human rights themselves such as the right to live in a safe and secure society? Would they defend abusive cops over cops that do their job to protect the people from unlawful acts? 

People should even wonder if those Dilawans if they ever considered that their actions would harm their loved ones. If they keep covering up dangerous acts then their loved ones would be next. Gascon's actions may end up harming his daughter. Other Dilaws may consider what could happen to their children. I don't think Leni Loud Robredo or Risa Hontivirus-Baraquel would be happy if any of their daughters got raped and/or murdered or Kris Aquino would be happy if any of her sons got kidnapped for ransom. Did they even consider the consequences of their action as they continue to whine about "human rights" in favor of criminals instead of law-abiding citizens? 

To say that abolishing CHR will destroy democracy is an overstatement. You can think advanced democracies don't have such organizations. For the nth time Singapore is still a democracy but a strict one to keep people safe. You want to protect human rights and democracy? Then start by protecting the law abiding citizens first before criminals. While criminals do have the rights to a just and fair investigation and not to be punished beyond their offenses but law abiding citizens do come first. A healthy democracy also involves people who follow simple guidelines aside from having a voice in decision making. It's all about check and balance which the CHR isn't doing at all. Instead, it's all about defending impunity and selective justice. 


  1. Spot on! In fact, I have visited Singapore thrice, and even though I don't like Singapore (elitist culture, bland environment), I don't mind showing off my gadgets. Also, Singaporeans are very meticulous on privacy, that's why the paparazzi is virtually non-existent in SG.

  2. That CHR is nonexistent in China and Democracy does NOT work in China as it is AN authoritarian gov't country since Han Dynasty.

    Yes, but to abolish CHR is to bring back authoritarian government for obedience in the government and Philippine Constabulary to make our government harsh if not brutal, to trample and exchange democracy, personal freedom and civil liberties for strong leader's admiration and adulation. Torture is and will be necessary to slowly kill dissents and subversives but to bring back discipline with strict and harsh guidelines so law abiding citizens will be afraid to break the law and they will fear and respect the law, military and police if need be.

    Take a look in Russia and China. They are authoritarian regimes. In North Korea, it is one and only totalitarian state.


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