Ultranationalist OFWs Working In First World Countries Are Contradicting Themselves

I don't think I have to wait until the anniversary of Edz Ello's jailing to write this post. Instead, I decided to write on this article about how some OFWs are ultranationalists. An ultranationalist is defined by someone with misplaced and excessive nationalism. There are some OFWs are actually suffering from an ultranationalist disorder while others are decent people who don't want to remain in the Okay Fine Whatever status. It reminds me of some OFWs who wrote the dumbest things they could like they're invading other countries and making it part of their idealistic Da Penoy Empire.

Do these ultranationalistic OFWs who think that foreigners are evil or that foreigners will take over the Philippines via foreign investors consider their stand? Do they even realize how they're contradicting themselves by actually going to countries that benefited from free trade to earn their income? They may consider themselves as the "bagong bayani" but in reality, they're the "bagong bayani" of the oligarchy. If they hate foreigners so much then why work abroad? They should all just return home to the Philippines instead of working in a land where foreigners came form. Also, they're foreigners in their workplaces. If they hate foreigners then why become foreigners in another place?

Many opponents of free trade or foreign direct investment always want to say that foreign investors will make a country lose its sovereignty. They view economic protectionism as a way to reduce foreign reliance and make a country self-sufficient. They believe in the stupidity of the "pambansang industriya" where it was economic protectionism and not foreign investments that brought first world countries to where they are. The result of this misguided nationalism resulted to the OFW phenomenon. Worse, you've got OFW idiots who are so deluded into thinking that the OFW phenomenon means that the Philippines is invading the world. If that were true then why can't the Philippine government do a thing about releasing guilty OFWs? It's because OFWs are bound to the rules of the country where they work in.

It's time to try and talk sense to these ultranationalistic OFWs by challenge their stupid thinking. Asking them the question of which country they're working for would be good. If they're working for South Korea then tell them if they love protectionism so much they should apply as OFWs for North Korea. They could also apply as OFWs for Venezuela instead if they are working for progressive South American countries. They should also be asked to why they receive more money abroad than they do in the Philippines. They should be educated to how these first world countries they work in benefited from free trade and not economic protectionism.This is all part of spreading the word of the agenda to achieve economic liberalization.