It's More Than Time To Abolish The Commission On "Human Rights" FOREVER

Ever since President Duterte started declaring necessary changes for law enforcement, ever since Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre Jr. rightfully hurt the impunity lovers by showing them he's NOT their hero and ever since PNP Chief Ronald "Bato" Dela Rosa or "Mr. Clean" started some important reforms to make sure that the Bilibid won't become a motel there's been widespread protests from the Commission on Human Rights which doesn't act according to its name. Are they defending the rights of people or are they just protecting criminals? Side note, when Justice Secretary Aguirre covered his ears in court during Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago's nagging, he wasn't against her lecture per se only her lack of self-control during that time. So get over it impunity lovers that he's not your new hero. Even Justice Aguirre admits Santiago is pretty knowledgeable with her work even when he criticized her lack of self-control. At least, he wasn't being biased compared to those who called him their new hero. 

Criminals do have the right to due process. The problem is that many Filipinos these days tend to be confused between the right to due process and Etta Rosales. The difference between due process and Etta Rosales is not only in the spelling but what happens when they are carried out. Due process is the right to a fair and just trial that no offender should ever get punished beyond what they committed. Both parties need to be investigated. But instead, the Philippines has become a home to cuddling crime and corruption and that's where Etta Rosales is different from due process. There are lazy judges, bad witnesses and there are no real penalties against providing faulty evidences in court. One good evidence of that was that Harvey Keh merely got away with admonition and no caucus was done to punish him. So why did they have to have a caucus for Justice Secretary Atty. Aguirre Jr. whose offense could have been easily fixed with admonition? Keh should have been given detention for trying to mislead the Senate with spurious evidence.

I could always bring up the Flor Contemplacion incident and the three drug mules incident as many times as I want. It's stupid how some Filipinos still think that the Singaporean justice system and the "Chinese justice system" were unjust to execute these "innocent people". They demand justice for Contemplacion but what about Delia Maga who was the real victim? All they did was to falsely accuse her employer and that doesn't give any real justice to Maga herself. With what they did, they inadvertently showed the world that the justice system of the Philippines is a huge joke. I could raise one example that I was shocked to realize Hubert Webb was not guilty. If the Philippine justice system is really so superb then these people better explain why a lot of illegal Chinese love the Philippines, why Hubert Webb a man who was innocent got wasted for fifteen years, why are victims of crime not really avenged and why are people crying over the deaths of crooks instead of the deaths of victims?

What's CHR really in for anyway but to cause unnecessary meddling? It's useless if you have a competent justice system. With a person like Justice Secretary Aguirre and PNP Chief Dela Rosa you don't need that department. Although Justice Secretary Aguirre did some Mr. Bean gestures during the Corona trial but he was at his best behavior during SAF-44. When he walked out during the Vizconde Trial, he was fed up with what's going on. Again, those impunity lovers better cry because Aguirre would probably shove it on their faces he's not their new hero. With a competent justice secretary and PNP chief, both parties can get a fair investigation. Offenders won't get punished for what they didn't do but only what they did. With people like them we don't really need the Commission of Human Rights anymore because justice and law enforcement are in charge of protecting the rights of citizens. Taxpayers' money should defend the civilians from crime not civilians who commit crime.


  1. It will be much better if the government is going to abolish CHR and bring back Philippine Constabulary back to life but to bring back authoritarian regime, government and state to have discipline more of that in China, but less of that in Singapore and North Korea, with punitive if not barbaric rules no greater than North Korea or Singapore.

    To be an authoritarian means to favor obedience at the expense of personal freedom.

    All we want is to favor obedience and discipline to the authoritarian leaders and governments at the expense of personal freedom, civil liberties. All we want is nondemocracy like that in China, but not in Singapore or North Korea.



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