Have They Not Yet Learned From The Mamasapano Incident?

I really can't help but laugh at this picture of President Nobita Aquino, Alan Impurisima and Getulio Napunas but the incident that happened last year on January 25 was no joke. No what happened at Mamasapano was NOT merely a misencounter but it was REALLY a massacre. I really thought of how stupid it is to pass the Bangsamoron Basic Law to give the MILF what might soon be their own separate state. When it comes to terrorists, you don't make peace with them and give up a certain territory in the Philippines. Those terrorists should have been arrested and placed to justice but no, the Philippines Department of Justice is better renamed as Department of Injustice and the Commission of Human Rights is better renamed as the Commission of Heinous Rights. That whole incident was a series of mismanagement in the Chain of Command.

The incident itself can also be traced to the reality that it's a reality of not being able to follow simple guidelines. The hearing last year involved Impurisima getting berated for violating is terms of preventive suspension. If you're suspended from duty, you don't show up for work. Worse, President Nobita telling him to intervene and "only give an order, not an advice" If both of them couldn't follow any simple guidelines then how can they handle such a terrible problem? The incident was a result all because Impurisima and President Nobita violated simple guidelines. Impurisima got suspended for is financial scandal so he should serve that term. President Nobita violated the terms of preventive suspension by sending Impurisima to intervene which if neither of them intervened then it's doubtful that incident would have not been that heavy. If people followed simple guidelines then casualties can be significantly reduced. Because they refused to follow

It's also this incident that made me say for some time to say, "If the Philippine army cannot even handle it's own national problems, how can it defeat China in a military battle?" This also shows how many times the Philippines is full of people who never learn from their mistakes. Even after the botched Rolando Mendoza incident, one bad incident happened after the other because they refuse to learn from their mistakes all because of the sad and pathetic legacy called PNoy Pride.