Pinoy Sentai Purists Should Focus On The REAL ISSUES!

It's such a waste really to waste their time bitching and whining about why Power Rangers replaced Super Sentai, they accuse Haim Saban of ruining their childhood, bitching why Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (which they call a bootleg show) was shown in ABiaS-CBN instead of Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger. What's so annoying is their frequent argument about Saban Brands guilty of "legal theft" when there are BIGGER issues to tackle. I can't help but think that what if the whole lie that Power Rangers is bootleg is a real distraction from the issues that REALLY MATTER.

If anybody deserves their anger, it's the irresponsible people in the Philippine government. They want to attack real legalized theft? Why not go after the Bureau of Internal Robbery and the Bureau of Crocodiles? Kill Henares and Alberto Looney are among a few guilty of legalized theft that deserve to be barked at. The BIR and BOC are misusing their power to rob public funds. If they are in Makati why don't they use their energy to bark against the Bitay Political Dynasty? Again, how many times does it need to be stressed that Saban isn't guilty of legalized theft? They can argue all they want that he had the rights and he stole the image. Really? If Saban were ever guilty of not crediting Toei or acknowledging the source, he would have been slammed years ago or two, a lawsuit would have taken place. Again, why spend energy attacking on Saban when they've got the legal thieves of the Philippines who are worth their fury?

These Pinoy Sentai purists are just wasting their time barking at the wrong tree. So what if Power Rangers is airing instead of Super Sentai on ABiaS-CBN? That's not even an important issue and blaming Power Rangers why Super Sentai hasn't been airing ever since is just stupid. Really, they should set their priorities straight.