President Benigno Simeon "Nobita" Cojuangco Aquino Might As Well Do His Final State Of The Nation Address (SONA)... In Carcar, Cebu!

President BS Aquino's last SONA will be awkward as some of his key allies have abandoned him.
President Nobita's final SONA... hopefully his nose will grow longer!

In response to Ilda's latest Get Real Philippines article to President Nobita Aquino's upcoming SONA tomorrow (which would again prove he really has No Direction), I am writing this to address that as his term ends, he's proven himself to be ampaw and that his final SONA should have been in Carcar, Cebu.  Ampaw may have been a Hokkien word for puffed rice but it has been acceptable for the Tagalog language to use the word as part of its ever-expanding vocabulary.  To be ampaw means to be lacking in substance as evidenced that some varieties of ampao are just shallow on the inside.  Ampaw grains are all puffed up rice which makes it very light.  If you tried eating puffed rice cereal, you'll notice how easily it floats because it's been puffed.  President Nobita is just a puffed up person with little or no substance.  Because of that, he should just do his final SONA tomorrow not in Manila but in Carcar, Cebu - the very location in the Philippines famous for making the best ampaw because he's an ampaw politician.

Do you remember all his campaign promises for a straight road and to curb corruption when he said, "Kung walang corrupt ay walang mahirap"?  Unfortunately his term from 2010 up to present has nothing more than vindictiveness where he chooses.  His concerns with getting rid of former Chief Justice Renato Corona has nothing been more than him getting even with his favorite scapegoat Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to hide the defects of his administration.  One can see how he really fails to maintain the state like how he handled the Metro Railway Transit, how the floods in Metro Manila just keep getting worse because of a lack of spending for solving flood problems or how he just keeps saying that traffic is a sign of progress when it's not always true.  You might as well rename the SONA into the Stupidity Of The Nation address!

Maybe I should mention all the stupid people he appointed into power.  Corazon "Stinky" Soliman as Department of Social Welfare and Development may soon allow more fake food products from neighboring countries to flood in like never before... last 2008, the Philippines already got victimized by the infamous melamine milk because of careless customs.  Appointing Etta Rosales for the Commission of Human Rights has only created a culture of impunity.  Having Kill Henares as the head of the Bureau of Internal Revenue only turned it into the Bureau of Internal Robbery where many big time tax offenders who they are friends with don't get punished.  Worse, he even approved of David Guerrero's ghastly slogan which has contributed to a culture of dysfunction perhaps to hide the the flaws of his administration.  Hmmm... and why are we becoming a dumping site from Canada and the DENR's staff members even dare to call the garbage from Canada "safe" when garbage is always garbage.  So where's the Daang Matuwid there?  It's a crooked road or if it's a Daang Matuwid, it's a straight road towards No Direction.

Again, if he's accomplish a straight road then it's a straight road straight to the fire.  Do you notice how a furnace has a straight path?  Yes the path is straight but it leads to the FIRE right?  Likewise, President Nobita's straight road campaign is not a straight road to progress but a straight road towards the fire.  Many Filipinos today are just like moths to the flame... they are attracted to the flame and they end up getting burned.  Likewise any bogus that says, "Philippines is now Asia's next miracle." must be taken with a grain of salt.  While other sources do verify that the Philippines has had an improving economy but how long will it last?

If he can't do his job right then he should just do his SONA in Carcar, Cebu because that's the place that is famous for producing delicious ampao.  It would only be rightful that he does his final SONA in Carcar, Cebu because he's an ampao politician.  However, Filipinos may eat delicious ampao but they should really learn this... NEVER VOTE FOR POLITICIANS WHO ARE AMPAO.  You can see they are ampao who just keep bragging during campaigns rather than being humble and say something like, "I am nobody but if we all work together as one, we can certainly make a change for this nation." type of talk.  Sad to say but the current state of Philippine democracy is nothing more than a government that's for stupid people, by stupid people and for stupid people.