Senator Bongbong Marcos For President Won't Help the Philippines Either!

It's already bad enough that the Philippines has that spoiled brat President Nobita has ruled since 2010? When we think of the "achievements" of President Nobita, one may consider that he has only succeeded in being vindictive, blaming Gloria and passing the "Balat-Sibuyas Basic Law". Sad to say but a lot of those who are opposing President Nobita are actually Marcostards. If Nobitards are amazingly stupid, then so are the Marcostards. It's time to think of what the Marcostards are doing is that, they are like the Aquinotards... they are NOT HELPING THE COUNTRY.

Remember the Marcos years were not the best for the rest but it was certainly the best for its cronies. The Marcos years laid every foundation necessary to create a highly corrupt Philippines. The late Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr. had a reputation of arresting political rivals, assassinating threats, a luxurious lifestyle, protecting his cronies and well, stealing lots of money. If I think the Aquinos are not helping the country, neither are the Marcoses. Worse, both sides tend to accuse me of siding with each other. Just because I don't like Aquino does mean I support Marcos, just because I don't like Marcos I support Aquino. Both sides of the coin are an Aliens vs. Predator war. I mean, regardless who wins, the Philippines is going to lose.

Now looking at Senator Bongbong, he does carry his father's legacy of thievery like his involvement in the pork barrel scam and he is also a spoiled brat like his rival President Nobita. I mean, what do you expect from a Senator who grew up in the Malacanang, pampered by his dictator parents and maybe, his mom bought him a lot of shoes too right? Maybe Bongbong had a closet with more toys than any child can play. Maybe while Bongbong grew up, he had the latest stuff that other children didn't. I can't be too sure but Bongbong is indeed a spoiled brat even when he said that his late father's toppled regime was ingratitude of the Filipino people. In the reality, he might have just been whining he lost his privileges after that!

When you think of it, President Nobita and Senator Bongbong have some things in common in their rivalry for each other. They are masters of necropolitics - riding on dead relatives to raise a legacy and speaking of their fathers' greatness. Both of them are spoiled brats - one grew up in Hacienda Luisita, the other in the Malacanang. Both are named after their late fathers who were also rivals for power. Both have sisters with love life problems namely Imee Marcos and Kris Aquino who are both separated from their spouses. Both of them have show business nephews namely Borgy Manotoc (Imee's son) and Bimby Yap (Kris Aquino's second son).

I would probably still subject the late Ninoy's legacy to scrutiny but I can be sure that Bongbong is no son of a hero but a tyrant. Like his rival President Nobita, Bongbong is also riding on his late father's supposed greatness. Bongbong for one, won't make a good leader especially he has LOADS of corruption charges. The only reason why he's still in power is because of dirty politics. I mean, why did the COMELEC even allow Imelda Romualdez Marcos to be a candidate for presidency in the FIRST PLACE? THAT IS REALLY WTF STUPID! Likewise, Bongbong's immunity may come from political bidding and the Marcoses and Aquinos happen to be the highest bidders huh?

Looking at what Senator Bongbong is doing, he may just turn the tables. That means, you might expect to see President Nobita take Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's place as national scapegoat, the oligarchy will be further strengthened, martial law might be declared without a just case, he would do ANYTHING to rule for 20 years like his father. Although he may not be as cunning as his father, still there's no doubt Bongbong won't make a good president!