Looks Like Atty. Vitaliano Aguirre Jr. is AT IT AGAIN!

Yes the poster boy for the Victim Card is back!

As Atty. Vitaliano Aguirre Jr. is part of the Liberal Party (even if he has refused to be part of politics for a reason), he's now the lawyer of Director Getulo P. Napenas.  So who's hiring the idiot of a lawyer?  I would guess it's President Nobita again.  Considering it's February and even if the incident of the Corona trial was last 2012, it's about to be three years since he did the infamous "ear covering act" and bringing out the "victim card" to win sympathy.  Some people even made him a hero.  But looking at two major incidents, we can see that this guy is no longer worth trusting.

I always thought about it that I don't care of Aguirre's bar rating was 85% over Miriam Defensor Santiago's 78%.  Grades don't always dictate a person and in fact, even if Miriam only got 78% but she has had better achievements than this stupid lawyer.  Stupidity is not intellectual but it's when you see the truth, you know the truth but you refuse to accept it.  I don't care about his IQ... you can have a high IQ and still be stupid.

Remembering the Vizconde Trial Massacre, instead of accepting the guilty verdict, he chose to walk out because he insisted his client was innocent.  Later, he covered his ears again in the Senate while Miriam berated the prosecutors for their incompetence.  It happened during the time of the Renato Corona impeachment trial.  He purposely covered his ears, laughed and when his attention was called, made a bravado speech instead of saying sorry and moving out of the courtroom.  Some think Miriam is arrogant and a bully... I beg to disagree.  Miriam is hot-tempered but she knew what she was doing and it was just about time to berate the whole prosecution for treating Corona's impeachment like a game.  

If we are to think about the Renato Corona trial, what happened before Aguirre's "bravado"?  The prosecution panel dropped eight articles to five articles to three, it was at the risk of becoming zero.  The evidence against Corona was shaky without the necessary solid ground.  Even if Miriam already agreed to strike the word "gago" or idiot out of the records because she knew she was wrong, she knew she said it out of rashness.  She was the last to notice what Aguirre did in the courtroom because she was focused at the task at hand.  Only when somebody pointed out what happened, did she know that somebody was already in contempt of court.

It also gave us a few seconds of comedy during his bravado speech.  For one, I may not be a lawyer but he said something as stupid as, "In my forty years of practice, it's just now I experienced a judge lecturing a lawyer."  From what planet is he from?  Whenever there's a case, a judge will always lecture a lawyer.  Looking at his performance, I wouldn't hire him a single bit to to be my lawyer in any case.  I might even lose my case even when I'm innocent because my lawyer refuses to listen to the judge's lecture.  I was lucky to have a competent lawyer who accepted his clients carefully and was always well prepared.  No, but Aguirre is not even well-prepared for a lawyer.

All I say is by becoming part of the Senate hearing, I hope that Miriam Defensor Santiago would remind him of his behavior.  I hope he doesn't repeat the same mistakes he did during the Corona Trial.  Again, if Miriam should lose her temper again for incompetence, he might pull out the victim card again.  Seriously, why hire him again?  He's an expensive lawyer of low competence.  It's like paying PHP 1,000.00 for pagpag.  Aguirre really needs to be kicked out and disbarred if he ever commits an offense in this round.