The Failipino And "You're Jealous" Delusion!

Image from Get Real Philippines

One of the worst habits Failipinos have is the "You're Jealous" delusion which they throw as a card towards against anybody who oppose them. This opposition can come in the form of enlightened Filipinos and non-Filipino citizens/foreigners. This was the reality when Ilda Ilda of Get Real Philippines wrote an article about Dingdong and Marian. After she wrote it, there were around 1,000 comments and a lot of them showed the "You're Jealous" delusion.

This brings me back to the moment I pointed out something was wrong with teenagers who caused a ruckus over the VIP ticket. I placed the caption "As if they even knew them."  Them some idiot of a troll (won't mention names to avoid being personal) started posting comments like, "Are you jealous?  Do you wish you had the money to buy that kind of ticket?" type of argument. Sometimes, what's ironic is that one who asks the questions are probably the ones jealous, right? And there is always the thin-skinned attitude that Failipinos have over criticism. That kind of attitude is also a reason why Failipinos hate the enlightened Filipinos.

It's annoying to think how Failipinos immediately equate criticism in general to being "destructive", "insults" or "you're jealous". Also, Failipinos with their Pinoy Pride always think they are mistreated because foreigners are jealous of them.  hey even tend to think that the decent Pinoys as a sub-population among enlightened Filipinos are jealous of them. Why do they even get the idea that so and so is jealous of them? It's really a delusion that Pinoys need to avoid. It's a delusion that every decent Pinoy may consider as part of the victim card mentality.

This provokes the question, "Jealous of what?" Jealous of their impunity? Jealous of their cover up culture?  Jealous of their poor spending habits? Jealous of them being abroad? Again, I'd ask what do they think I am jealous of? Or maybe, jealous of their IMPRACTICALITY? I would point that Ilda Ilda of Get Real Philippines was already accused of jealousy.  The reality was, she was pointing out WHAT WENT WRONG. Why Failipinos are always accusing people of jealousy is because of their unhealthy Pinoy Pride, something that every decent Pinoy is getting fed up with.

Every decent Pinoy rejects Pinoy Pride because they know it's not going to help. The value of being a Failipino means arrogance, impunity, impracticality, ethnocentricity, self-centeredness and maybe I should add being double standard (ex. hating Chinese but later caught eating at a dimsum). Maybe they are the ones who were jealous of the Dingdong/Marian wedding because they don't have the money to lavishly have one, while accusing the critics of being jealous. Again, it's typical to have thinkers-doers. No wonder it's said, "Before you criticize others, criticize yourself first."


  1. Thank you! I'm pinoy but every time I drop in a negative comment over anything related about our country online, I get butt hurt idiots telling me that I might be jealous or something. And for what though? They're so thick headed to argue with that I lose much brain cells just hearing them say anything.

    1. Thanks for dropping by and being of encouragement.


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